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I’m here to respond to some more concerns for you about ceramic automobile coating.

We get asked all the time why ceramic coating, what makes Ceramic Coating by Ceramic Auto Detailing distinct and honestly, prior to we started utilizing it, we have actually never ever seen anything like it.
It’s going to preserve the value of your vehicle.
It’s going to make it shine like you’ve never ever seen it shine before.
And what we think is the finest attribute about it is that it makes the car remain cleaner longer and so much much easier to clean.
We all like our vehicles and we like having it look tidy and glossy.

We are confident that you are gonna like ceramic coating paint defense too.

Now let us show you a little bit about why ceramic coating works and what it is.
Ceramic coating is silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide and the secret sauce, the solvents that ends up being like a glass defense over your paint that has a hardness element of 9H.
And you may be wondering, how can I put a glass on my car and expect that it won’t shatter.
It is not just hard and exceptional at preventing staining, is anti finger print however it is also extremely flexible.

If you take a look at any surface area through a microscopic lense, you will see that it is truly rough, even though it looks smooth to the eye, like paint, we call this roughness, the anchor pattern. It is like orange peel or texture, however it’s not. It’s much, much, much, much smaller sized than that. Cause when we’re discussing ceramic coating, we’re discussing nano innovation and their innovation is essentially extremely, extremely, extremely little.

So anchor pattern is essentially the open pores of your extremely little atomic level particles. What ceramic coating does is, it takes your anchor pattern and it essentially permanently fills the pores with silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, permanently increasing the solidity and UV defense.

All of the fantastic qualities that ceramic coating offers. One of the other things that makes ceramic coating so distinct and so unique, it was created from the beginning to be a multilayer double coding.

So what does that mean to you, the consumer and to your automobile When ceramic coverings is used, it fills the majority of the nano pores, you will have some peaks that remain above. So by including several layers, you’re able to attain a brand new top substrate, that’s more visually appealing.

It’s also slicker and very hard. That brings us to the terms you may hear so typically, 9H. What is 9H, it is essentially a measurement of solidity and once we’re able to attain this new top substrate, you’re able to get much closer to this 9H solidity than the original substrate. Like the majority of typical clear coats measure between 2H and 3H.

So as you can see, we’re able to almost triple the density of your original substrate by increasing your defense to 9H with ceramic coating paint defense.

So when you talk about waxes and sealants of the past, they worked by forming what we call a physical bond. The particles are quite big and they did well at bonding to each other however not so well at permanently filling the nano pores. So, particles being quite big, will just sit on top of the surface area and bond to each other to secure what’s beneath, however they do not work on the nano level, to fill the nano pores and provide the very same solidity defense.

You can see that ceramic paint coating works in a different method by forming a covalent bond and permanently fill the pores utilizing extremely, extremely, extremely little particles.

And this type of defense can not be cleaned off. Detergents won’t remove it. Heat will not evaporate it as with waxes and sealants in the past. And this once it’s filled, it’s long-term, which is why we call it a long-term bond. It can not be gotten rid of by anything aside from abrasion.

a very intriguing result your paint will have is what you will see in the water behavior or beading.As the ceramic coating fills the pores, it leaves behind what we call nanotubes that stand directly. These nanotubes allow us to get extremely remarkably tight water beating. This is what promotes the self-cleaning result while your automobile stays so tidy so much longer and it’s so simple to preserve with time.

The pores being filled is a long-term bond, your UV defense, your stain resistance, all of the things that are warrantied that are environmental will remain permanently.

Last but not least, we get asked quite often, can I put this on my older car or, or will it fill in scratches on my older car. The answer to that is yes, obviously you can put it on older vehicles, however it doesn’t fill in scratches. It doesn’t work that method. Nevertheless, what’s fantastic about what we do is we are trained in the art of paint correction.

You have to get rid of all of the random isolated problems and scratches, or RIDS prior to you apply the ceramic coating to any painted surface area, to get the very best quality job.

To summarize, we have deal you the very best quality defense at the most economical rates.

The future is now, with protecting your car with Ceramic Auto Detailing.

Wax is dead and ceramic coating is the answer to maintaining the value of your automobile permanently.

Thanks so much for watching. We eagerly anticipate securing your car.

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