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Auto Ceramic Pro Coating. Paint Correction. Detailing. Since 2009

Steven Lockhart

Professional work in all aspects of window tint and automotive detailing.
We work by appointment only because of the heavy workload.
We use only the best product for the best results !
Ceramic Auto Car Detailing located on the west side of Spartanburg SC. We serve the entire upstate, Ceramic Auto Detailing is an auto detailing shop with a focus in auto paint correction and paint protection using Feynlab Ceramic Coating.
No matter the value of the car our customers bring in, each customer is treated with the same. I am focused on the details when it comes to providing quality services, and at a fair price. Whether you’re looking for paint correction, ceramic coating, paint protection films, or other services, we are here to help. Contact us today to get started

Providing Expert & Honest Service For Over 20 Years

Our History

I’m Steven Lockhart, I have been detailing cars as a part-time job since I was in high school.  I started detailing vehicles for my best friends dad who owned a car lot. When I  graduated, I continued detailing vehicles because, I loved it so much. As in life, I felt the pressure to make more money, so I kept the part-time detailing job, I also started a new adventure in the restaurant  Business. I worked in that business for 25 plus years. I friend told me about the ceramic coating on aircraft so I became certified by taking a  course on applying ceramic coating to aircraft, when I saw how wonderful the ceramic coating protected the planes, I knew that my friend with new cars needed this protection, also. When Feynlab developed the ceramic, I went to their school to become a certified installer. I sold my  interest in the restaurant in 2009 and I never looked back. <y love and passion is to make your auto shine better than when it was new, come by and get a free quote on protecting your 2nd most valuable asset, your car. 

Our Service

We pride ourselves on redefining detailing & ceramic nano coating technology, by  protecting your automobile.

What makes Ceramic Coating by Ceramic Auto Detailing unique

It's going to preserve the value of your vehicle

It's going to make it shine like you've never seen it shine before.

Happy Customers

I took both our cars in, and Steven did an awesome job, takes a ton of pride in his work, knows his craft extremely well, and charged us a fair price. I would recommend him to anyone!

We had Steven, at all pro detail and ceramic coating to ceramic coat our Camry to protect the paint. The detailing of his work is amazing, after he got finished applying the ceramic Coating, he sprayed degreaser on our car and let it there sit for several minutes before he washed it off with a bottle of water, he said, “just to show me how well it was protected” I told him that this made me really nervous but he was proving that my car is protected. He said,”Now all we needed to do is rinse all the dirt off”. You would not ever but degreaser on unprotected paint, This is amazing paint protection, we are so very happy with the finished look, our car shines like never before.

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